Kylie Lip Kit Review: Posie k

Review: Posie K Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner

Dear Fashionistas,

I was so excited to get my new Kylie Lip Kit! I have been wanting to try one ever since all the hype of her new cosmetic line was released. I was lucky enough to find one in Posie K, although every color is out of stock online as of now. I read a lot of different reviews about Kylie’s new cosmetic products, each with a different take on why they liked or disliked the famous lipstick and liner. Here’s my review on the presentation, look, and feel of this highly coveted beauty product.

I loved the presentation of the box! The cool drip of the lipstick off of the lips on the cover was edgy but still gave a fun vibe. Inside the box was both the lip liner and lipstick. The liner is very simple, resembling a normal lip pencil. The lipstick bottle itself shows the color but also has that same dramatic drip of the lipstick dropping down from the top of the bottle.


The lip liner and lipstick were a little dry when first applying, but still spread smoothly. The smell wasn’t my favorite since it gave a fake candy scent. However, after drying to a matte, it did resemble Kylie’s lips and I loved this color on me. I normally don’t wear a lot of color on my lips, so this is a great statement beauty product to shake things up. After wearing for a while, it felt as if nothing were on my lips at all! When I came home that night around 10 o’clock, my lips looked the exact same as they did just after applying! Even after washing my face that night and the next morning the color was still firmly on my lips. I loved the long-lasting capability of this product since so many lipsticks rub off on your Starbucks cup before any one gets to appreciate your pretty lips.

IMG_1404      IMG_1406

Before                                                                                      After


I rated my Posie K Lip Kit on several different key aspects of what I look for in lipstick.

Presentation (includes the box and bottles): 10/10 the box was so unique, edgy, and fun

Feel: 8/10 since it was a little dry at first

Scent: 2/10 not impressed with the synthetic, processed smell

Appearance: 10/10 I loved this color and it definitely resembled Kylie’s signature lips

Staying Power: 10/10 it stayed on for well over 12 hours, even after washing my face twice


Overall, I was impressed with this new lip sensation. It had almost every element I was looking for and I got a bunch of compliments on this color. I look forward to trying more of Kylie’s lipstick products. More reviews coming soon!



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