Dear Fashionistas,

When every little girl wanted to be a princess, the next Hannah Montana, a cowgirl, or a ballerina, I wanted to be a stylist and fashion designer. I was even Rachel Zoe for Halloween when I was eleven years old. That’s before she had her reality show on Bravo! None of my elementary friends knew who she was, let alone ever heard of a stylist! But I was the exception, always obsessed with stilettos, jewelry, and dresses. Basically my bank account was doomed from day one. So when I came to Hong Kong, one of the top things to do was to get custom clothes made. However, it is more accustomed to men’s clothing- particularly suits. But I found one tailor willing to make almost anything I wanted. This. Was. A. Dream. Come. True. She had so many dresses, blazers, blouses, etc to choose the for the template of the various pieces. She said her average customer just picked one of her original templates and requested in made in their favorite color, I was not the average client. I ended up getting four dresses made- none of which the tailor said she had ever made or seen anything like them. I took a lot of time in her studio designing, picking out fabrics and colors, and trying on a bunch of of different sample to see which best I liked best. 

It was amazing how fast and easy everything was. To design and fit four dresses from scratch took less than two hours, and they were all delivered to my hotel two days later. It actually came this morning so I was so excited that I could wear it in time for our last dinner in Hong Kong. We went to the restuarant on the 103rd floor, which had panoramic views of the entire city. 


More pics of my new pieces coming soon! 

Heels: Louboutin $675 via- here





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