With a Blink of an Eye

The atmosphere in Hong Kong at night is so wild! Full of energy, it is definitely a hustling-bustling environment similar to New York City. The sky scrapers here advertise on the side of their buildings- the letters and/or symbols run up all sides of the towers. This makes the city brilliantly lit up at night! Across the street from my hotel, the Four Seasons Hong Kong, is the Ritz Carlton hotel (most of the floors are occupied by various businesses and companies though) which is over a hundred stories high! Every night they run words and usually cartoons advertising something or other, all over the front and sides of the building, how awesome! Each night the images change, so it’s always such a cool surprise to see what is being showed. Apart from the extremely gigantic buildings, another attribute to Hong Kong’s vibrant personality is the traffic. Although you imagine a city this big having nightmarish traffic, it is surprisingly very efficient. Now that doesn’t mean that it is a safe, regulated process. No, my cab rides consist of covering my eyes and bracing myself. I do not know how the locals are so calm when four cars try to jam into one lane, at the same time, with two double decker buses coming on either side. Crazy! Speaking of the crazy cabs, to get these pictures, I saw my life flash before my eyes as I was standing in the middle of the street;) But seriously you can even see a cab coming straight for me!

I love this little two piece set from the new Kendall and Kylie collection. The shorts are a little oversized, which I prefer since the top doesn’t cover that much up there, lol. The frayed edges just give it a summery, chic vibe. I matched this casual set with some of my favorite platform sneakers, my Louis Vuitton crossbody bag, and my new Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses. (It was light out when I left the hotel, but you can totally wear your sunnies at night, right?)

Sunnies: Dior $600 via- here

Top: Kendall + Kylie $98 via- here

Shorts: Kendall + Kylie $98 via- here

Sneakers: Flamingo $320 via- here

Bag: Louis Vuitton $775 via- here




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