Wave Watchin’

Dear Fashionistas,
On one of our last days in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we decided to explore the beach and the small capital city. The water  was so refreshing as the sun was cooking us from above. It was the best way to tolerate the heat, and it was so cool to swim far out into the water.
After a mini beach day, I went to explore the town. All the buildings are bright, pastel color and cascade down the mountain. We winded up and down the roads to get the best views (see previous posts for pictures). It was like going back in time, seeing all the little pink and blue houses with the gravel side roads.
Since it is very hot here in St Vincent, I went with all cool, subtle tones for my outfit. My look included a blue/white striped top with the cutest bow in the back, white denim cutoff shorts, and my new, tan lace up sandals. I added some accessories, such as my Louis Vuitton bag and Dior sunnies, to polish it all off!
(from the back^)
Get the Look:
Sunnies: Dior  via- here
Top: Mango via- here
Denim: J Brand via- here
Sandals: Topshop via- here
Bag: Louis Vuitton (Never Full) via- here
One of my favorite ways to make an outfit look nicer than it really is, is to mix the top super brands with treasures I find from places like H&M, Topshop, Mango, and Zara. Extenuating with a nice bag, hat, shoes, belt, jewelry, or sunnies is always a way to make your outfit look more special- not something you would see in the department store window (unless it’s Harrods)! For me, I always love adding a nice bag because it really does make a difference in the overall appearance. I think the reflective sunnies and my designer bag elevated the complete vibe of my look. A way to make your next appearance a double taker is to add a sophisticated accessory or two. No one knows that the white tank under your Burberry trench is from H&M’s sale rack, or that your jeans are from Topshop when they have a Gucci belt keeping them in place.



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