St Vincent and the Grenadines

Dear Fashionistas,
I flew straight from Los Angeles to St Vincent for the week. (Actually not straight since one of our flights was cancelled and then we missed the next one, nightmare!) But that nightmare came to an end as we flew over the light blue water as the wheels scraped the tarmac.
When you think of the Caribbean you always envision, clear blue water, palm trees, and sipping fruity drinks out of coconuts. This is what the grenadines were like. St Vincent is a much smaller island than your run of the mill Bahamas or Barbados. A population of roughly 100,000 , much of the area is naturally preserved. Because of the overall cleanliness of the island (so much less pollution) and the tropical climate, color is everywhere. Lush greenery and pastel buildings scatter this small strip of land in the middle of the ocean. The natural beauty of the island was breathtaking. My favorite part about the island would have to be the beach. Right outside of our hotel was this expansive strip of secluded ocean access. This was the most unique beach I have ever been to because the sand was black! I have never been to a black sand beach before, but it was definitely a trip to remember.

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