My Bangkok Itinerary

Dear Fashionistas,

Bangkok has been a blast!  I have been all over Southeast Asia, and this city definitely takes one of the top spots on my favorites list. The energy, city views, food, accommodations, and shopping (of course) were all so inspiring and even made getting out of bed early every morning worth it, haha.

Everyone has been so friendly and helpful so far, making this trip such a fun adventure. What really separates Bangkok from all the other major Asian cities is the versatility. It has everything a tourist could dream of, (in my case a Pinkberry and all the major designer stores). Bangkok is the kind of place that is modern and different from the West, but when homesickness strikes, you’re not too far away from something that reminds you of home. Being gone from home for multiple weeks at a time make you appreciate the little bits of internationalism cities like Bangkok have to offer. I made a short list that barely scratches the surface of all the amazing things to do in Bangkok. I hope you all get a chance to come to this enchanting, universal destination.


The Mandarin Oriental is a five-star, luxury international chain that is always reliable. I always prefer to stay at a hotel that has a great reputation for service, safety, and for being accommodating. The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is one of those hotels, and my stay so far has been flawless. The staff is so friendly, and every day they bring me fresh flowers with a hand written, personally addressed, letter and a box of homemade macaroons. Everyone is so personable, from the doorman who greets me by name to the room service lady who answers the phone with “Good morning, would you like a sliced avocado?” What more could a girl ask for, right?

Restaurants & Bars

Lord Jim’s- Located in the Mandarin Oriental, this swanky restaurant boasts 180 degree views of the downtown skyline. Primarily an upscale seafood restaurant, but it doesn’t lack in sushi or in Japanese Kobe. Try the lobster bisque and the pan-seared Dover sole.

Laudrée Cafe- The most insta-worthy spot in town! Located at the luxurious Paragon Mall, the Laudrée Cafe is like you are stepping into Paris. French decor, decadent macaroons, and dainty tea cups await at this stylish eatery. Grab afternoon tea or a quick bite and make sure to try the caesar salad, french onion soup, and an assortment of macaroons while sipping a latté.

img_0082   img_0165

Medici Kitchen and Bar- Traditional Italian, cheesy yumminess. Their signature dish is creamy mushroom fettuccine that is made in a gigantic parmesan cheese wheel!

img_0077   img_0068

Sky Bar- You will recognize this 63rd story bar from several scenes from the movie Hangover Part II. This bar offers the best views in the city. Make sure to try a hangovertini.



Safari World- One of the most amazing experiences of my life was going to Safari World, just outside of the city. This is the largest zoo in Thailand, and perhaps the most unique one in the world. Instead of walking around animals in cages, you see them in their natural habitats, running freely.


As you drive your car into the zoo gates and purchase your ticket, you round a corner to take a windy path through the animal’s stomping ground. Each species is confined to their own massive amount of space, but can wander all around the grounds and onto the road. You are able to drive your own car right beside all of the animals.


Remember, they are not on chains, leashes, or fenced in! It’s incredible to see all of these animals walk right up next to your car, to see how they interact with the other animals and their own species. Zebras, tigers, giraffes, camels, deer, elk, rhinos, rams, bears, and a variety of birds were all within 15-20 yards from my car window. A spunky camel actually came to knock on the window!!! Don’t let the lenient restrictions scare you, though, because once you get into the more ferocious zone, there are workers stationed to protect visitors and keep the more intimidating creatures, like the tigers and bears, a safe distance from the car. Once we drove around the safari part of the zoo, we parked and went inside to interact with some of the animals we had just seen. Two friendly chimpanzees were happy to take photos, as well as a baby tiger. If you ever have a chance to come to Bangkok, make sure to visit this extraordinary glimpse into nature.


Paragon Mall- By far the best place to go for a shopping excursion. Extremely clean, modern, and ginormous, this mall is ultra-lux and has every budget in mind. Saunter around the 2nd floor to see the latest masterpieces from the top designers, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Givenchy, Chloe, etc. Even though this mall caters to big spenders, the H&M, Zara, and Mango have an expansive presence (the H&M and Zara cover two floors). Shopping isn’t the only activity available at Paragon. Go on an empty stomach and stop by the first floor which has a diverse array of ethnic food stalls or hit the classic favorites such as Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, and Krispy Kreme.

Spa- When you come to Thailand, I think it should be a law to at least experience one Thai massage. No complaints here, after leaving the Spa Sanctuary at The Mandarin Oriental. Try any one of the refreshing facials for a warm glow or just go to admire the traditional Thai decor/atmosphere.




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