How to Style Graphic Tees

Dear Fashionsitas,

I feel like a good, graphic tee is a closet staple. Whether I’m going sight-seeing in the summer, layering up in the winter, or just hanging out at home, a graphic tee is always in style. I only have a few, but I make the most of my favorites by pairing each one with different accessories and interchanging statement pieces. I often travel for weeks at a time, and sadly (seriously this is the root of major anxiety) I can not bring my whole closet along with me. That being said, I am forced to get creative with what I have.


For the colder months- pair your favorite tee under a bold, colored coat and add an eye catching clutch. No one will even notice that was the same shirt you wore last week under your leather jacket and ripped jeans! For taking this look from daytime casual to night-out chic, layer under a trench, add a scarf or a chunky choker over those boots and your favorite ripped denim.


For the warmer months- During the day, a printed tee tucked in cutoffs, large buckled belt, and sneakers is an effortless way to embody casual. I also like to tuck mine into a leather mini skirt, up my jewelry game, and swap my sneakers for heels.



So these were just a few examples of my favorite ways to style my graphic tees. I hope this helped!



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