Travel to: A South African Safari

Welcome to the Jungle!

Sadly I am writing this as I am leaving our short safari trip at Royal Malewane and on my way back to Johannesburg. Since we had a few days to spare, we decided to spontaneously venture to one of the most amazing nature reserves on the planet, and it happened to be just an hour flight from the city!

Before this experience, I had never been on a safari- the closest I had ever been to any wild animal was with a glass wall in between us. I had also never been camping before, so immediately when I heard safari, the idea of pitching a tent and rubbing sticks together came to mind. Now of course, this is reference I have from Disney Chanel so, needless to say a safari was such a foreign adventure to me. The difference between a safari and a zoo is instead of seeing captured animals, you get to see them in their natural habitat. What was so special about Royal Malewane was that the animals on the reserve were left completely alone and never have been tampered with by people.


The Resort

Royal Malewane

Royal Malewane is a very intimate, lavish lodge resort located within the private Thornybush Game Reserve, aside Kruger National Park. Since we had a large group we stayed in Africa House, the six bedroom villa on the property. What was so unique about Africa house, was each individual bedroom had a different color theme, plus an amazing view! Perhaps the coolest part about the house was the infinity edge pool, which also serves as the elephants personal water fountain!




Things to Do

Our group went on a game drive, which means we rode around in basically an Indiana Jones mobile that had no roof or doors. Needless to say, when we drove up right next to all of “the big five” animals, there was nothing separating us. This was the best part about our experience, we got to be so close to all of the wild animals. Of course, being 5 feet from the king of the jungle can be intimidating, but after a while (once you see you haven’t be eaten yet) you only want to get even closer!


Since we went on such a short trip, I did not have time to take a trip to the famous spa. One of my friends though said it was amazing- but trust me, everything at this place is. Can we say glamping?


Ok, this picky eater is not so easy to please! I was a bit skeptical since the resort is so intimate that there is no so-called restaurant. But every meal is catered to you in the privacy of your own villa or in a small dining room. And I have to say, in the short stay I was there I had the best two meals ever! Shoutout to the dover sole, chocolate cake, and French toast that put my summer bod even more unobtainable!




P.S. Now I want a pet elephant- do you think I could fit a few it in my backyard?

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