The Most Insta-Worthy Photo Spots in Paris

Whether you want that perfect Snapchat selfie, Tumblr-like inspiring Instagram post with your bff, or just one to slide into the photo album- Paris has it all. After touring around Paris for a few days now, I am excited to share my favorite spots to channel your inner Parisian!


Eiffel Tower- a classic. You’ve seen the drool worthy uploads from famous fashion bloggers, celebrities, and on sites like Pinterest or Tumblr with the Eiffel Tower blurred perfectly in the background. Well, here is your spot to take your own.

Location: At the Trocadéro, which is across from the tower by the massive fountain.

Tips: Perch on the banister above the steps at the entrance of the Trocadéro to get that perfect Insta-moment. To avoid crowds, go on a weekday morning before 10am, preferably on a partly cloudy day for the best lighting.



Pont Alexandre III- a beautiful bridge, popular for engagement/wedding photos. A romantic spot that gets a dramatic backdrop of many known landmarks suspended over the water. Gorgeous.

Location: Pont Alexandre Bridge.

Tips: Position yourself at the edge of the bridge, diagonally facing the Eiffel Tower. Go on a weekday morning and avoid weekends. Make sure it’s a clear day, so you can get all the great monuments in your shot.



The Louvre- this is for the artsy, historic instgrammer. A fun pose with the pyramids or a selfie with the Mona Lisa perhaps?

Location: The Louvre Museum

Tips: This one is almost always crowded. Avoid typical tourist dates, such as school breaks and purchase your tickets a few dates prior. Lighting isn’t as much an issue here, as all of your shots will be inside or close up next to the pyramids.


Montmartre- a large hill that hosts a breathtaking church that is perched outside of the city center. Get a panoramic background in your shot and listen to local musicians as you are posting all across social media.

Location: In the northern section of Paris, part of the Right Bank

Tips: To avoid “photo-bombers” go on a clear morning, preferably before 9am. If you go at an unpopular time, you will be able to stand on the steps that have a backdrop of the cityscape.


Notre Dame de Paris–  a medieval Catholic cathedral, with intricate detailing and stain glass windows; a for sure spot to rack up some likes on a post.

Location: on the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of the city

Tips: Go on a pleasant, mild day with lots of sunshine. During the spring and summer months , the gardens surrounding the cathedral boast vibrant, colorful blossoms. For a dramatic backdrop, go at sunrise or sunset for a pop of color on your page!

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