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the Statement Bomber


Amidst a summer vacation or spring getaway, i always forget to pack one thing. No, it’s not the maxi dresses, flowy skirts, coverups or bathing suits. I always forget a jacket! I know it might sound odd, but why do I need a jacket when it’s 80 degrees outside? But you’d be surprised, especially destinations close to the beach, that at night with the ocean breeze it can get a little chilly, (or maybe I just love these jackets so much I am rationalizing buying them all?). Anyways, at least both of these will be perfect additions to your summer getaways…and closets!

Instead of just a plain black bomber, I always like one that can be the statement of my outfit. That way, when that “I have nothing to wear” nightmare reoccurs, I can just throw it on over jeans/shorts and a t-shirt.

Here are a few of my favorites that I have styled this past week! 

So this satin bomber by Lauren Moshi looks great over everything white and cool tones. 

This bomber (similar here) I often use as the statement piece of my look. The palm tree print and thin, satiny material can dress up boring cutoff denim shorts, jeans, or even a swim suit!

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