How to Play in Santorini

After spending a week on the beautiful island of Santorini, I have included a few of my favorite experiences from the trip, and am spoiling all the secrets on how to have fun here!

My Top Recommendations 

  1. Charter a catamaran

This was by far the most fun day we had! We chartered a Catamaran to explore around the beautiful island. We added a few stops along the way, like a swim at the red sand beach, a jump or two off the cliff at Ammoudi Bay, and a few too many hours in the sun….you only live once though, right?

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    2. Cliff jumping at Ammoudi Bay

Cliff jumping is something I have always wanted to try, so why not have my first time be in Greece! Now, I’m not some dare devil- this cliff wasn’t much higher than a high dive, but it was still such a thrill (partly because the water was so cold)! I do have a few very important tips for this activity though. As I mentioned before that we did this on the same day as our catamaran cruise; which leads me to my next recommendation- rent a boat to take you to the base of the cliff. Any boat that you or your hotel can charter will work. You just want to be able to be dropped off a few meters from the cliff, so that you can swim to the stairs. Trust me, you do not want to walk the extra mile through a highly packed tourist area to reach the spot. However, the cliff is almost never crowded with tourists.

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   3. Go on a Jet Ski Safari

Visit Wave Sports and reserve a guide to take you on a jet ski safari! Follow a guide on your own jet ski to explore the island’s best beaches and views. Make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses you wouldn’t mind losing, so that you don’t have to rent goggles.

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   4. Go souvenir shopping in Oia

One of my favorite things to do after dinner was to go souvenir shopping in Oia, (pronounced “eea”, how many times do you think I said that one wrong? ;)) The best part about shopping in this cute, picturesque village, is that all the stores are open till at least 11 p.m., So you don’t have to be worried about resting your way through the scalding streets during the peak tourism hours. You won’t just find standard souvenirs here, though, but trendy shops specializing in anything from handmade shoes and jewelry to high end boutiques selling designer clothing.  Make sure to visit Cabana Nero while you are strolling through the streets (in comfortable shoes… all cobblestone walkways so heels stay away)!

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Aντίο! (bye now)

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