The Gifts You Need to See to Believe | $5 – $79 Haul

Hi guys, I hope you are having a great start to your holidays!!! Since Cyber Monday is just a few hours away, I wanted to put together a little Christmas gift guide for y’all! I feel like it can be so stressful trying to find all of your friends and family gifts this time of year, so I hope this guide can give you a few ideas. I literally am in love with some of these items and I know many of my friends will be receiving presents from this list- spoiler alert! Just a little roundup of this massive gift haul, I tried to pick gifts that fit a bunch of different styles/personalities and price ranges. Okay, y’all ready- this is going to be a gigantic haul!!! (Wait till the end- you won’t regret it 😉
Pajamas, Loungewear, & Socks: $10 – $25
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 2.13.08 PM Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 2.13.16 PM
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.31.51 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.34.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.36.56 PM Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.37.07 PM
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.37.15 PM Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.37.39 PM
       Girly Pajama Set $15               Eyelash Pajama Set $16
Screen-Shot-2017-11-26-at-1.47.30-PM-710745167-1511729485349.png   Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 1.47.38 PM
      PJ Salvage Socks $18                 PJ Salvage Socks $18
 Screen-Shot-2017-11-26-at-1.47.45-PM.png  Screen-Shot-2017-11-26-at-1.47.57-PM-952815958-1511729579374.png
          PJ Salvage Socks $18            Barefoot Dreams Socks $15

Jewelry & Headphones: $5 – $17

(One of my friends will be getting this tiara headphone set 😉

Room Organization: $6 – $32
How cute are these jewelry organizers??

Makeup & Beauty: $10 – $54

^^ These e.l.f. brushes are my favorite and so so soft!!!

Fun Lighting & Decor: $10 – $79
These two letter lights come in almost every letter (in each style below) so personalizing a gift has never been easier. Pro tip- create your friend’s initials!

Pillows & Blankets: $12 – $36

……I don’t know if people buy pillows as presents but- I mean- who doesn’t love pillows?
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 10.04.48 PM
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 10.06.51 PM
Lips Pillow $36              Coffee Pillow $29.        Beauty Pillow $19
 Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 10.11.20 PM
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 10.18.38 PM
  Pink Pillow $12              Gray Pillow $22                White Pillow $12
Miscellaneous: $10 – $69
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 11.14.25 PM
Mini Instant Camera $69                             Classy Flask $10


P.S. Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below or on my Instagram @kt.the.blondie.! xo

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