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Hey y’all! I’m coming to you with a new brand I just discovered… and you will not want to miss out on this one! If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram lately, then you might have just seen me in this designer inspired loungewear set. I had heard of Misspap before, but this was my first experience trying them out. And I have to say, I am absolutely head-over-heels for everything!

Stylish sweats have been making a comeback recently, and Misspap is just winning at this trend! Although I may or may not have wanted every single loungewear piece on their site, I decided on this grey set with red and green stripe details. It’s got that instagram model-off duty vibe to it, and I can definitely see myself wearing this for every travel day coming up! What I love about this extremely comfy set is that you still have a figure, and the tailored fit prevents that drowning in fabric look. Of course I’m all for throwing on a slouchy pair of sweats, but this is the only one I have that I feel comfortable wearing outside of my apartment and into the public world, lol! (Normally my sweatpants are two sizes too big and have “UCLA BRUINS” all over them… I know, I’m a mess, haha!)

Summary of all that I said above^^: I highly recommend checking out all of Misspap’s loungewear. The quality/look is what you see the Kylie Jenner’s of the world wearing, and this one might be even more chic than those pricey designer tracksuits! Since there is a super amazing sale going on right now, I’m including some of my favorite picks below!

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I added these studded sunnies, to stylishly shade my dark circles and sleep-deprived  eyes! I was actually browsing through a well-known designer store recently (what do the red/green stripes remind you of?😉) and saw these amazing pair of black sunglasses covered in small star studs. The only problem was there were three zeros on the price tag, so needless to say I did not walk out with them. But when I was shopping on Misspap I saw this pair, and they looked so similar to the designer ones that I’d seen! These sunnies are soooo amazing for when you need that extra-ness to your look.


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And the next item I have to share with you is this black bikini. With the temps rising and Summer fast approaching, I couldn’t resist getting this suit. I mean, it is covered in sequins… Elle Woods would be proud! The triangle top and string bottoms are both adjustable, so it’s easy to customize the fit. I normally stay away from sequined merchandise since the sequins always fall off and get caught on everything in sight; and but Misspap changed my mind on this one! After cooling off poolside on a Coachella morning, no sequins had been left behind or tangled with anything!

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Also, I just wanted to mention that Misspap was so kind to include this red one piece suit! Unfortunately, I have not gotten a chance to wear this one yet, but if you check the gram something might be coming soon! 😉 I have tried this on, and the lace up details on the sides and front make this super cute! I can definitely see myself wearing this with denim cutoffs in the Summer or lounging on some beautiful tropical island (hopefully this one comes true)!

In all, this was one of my favorite hauls! I absolutely love everything and am super impressed with the quality and fit. Definitely recommend this site for trending styles and chic comfies!

Til next time lovelies!




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