Styling Sassy Tees & Leather Minis with Romwe




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Graphic tees are a wardrobe staple. Whenever I am low on time and my style mind has completely abandoned me, graphic tees are my go-to! My secret weapon in creating a killer look using a graphic tee, is to tie in the color of the writing/graphics with the rest of the look. The outfit I am wearing above is one of my favorite examples, as I love how it is so cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. As we dissect my outfit, you may notice the black lettering on this cute tee from Romwe pairs so well with my black mini skirt and mules. (Romwe has some of my FAVORITES) This is what I mean when matching the colors of the graphic to your bottom. This tip doesn’t just apply to black leather skirts, though, as I could have worn black jeans, shorts, a denim skirt, etc. You can do this with any color writing, but black or white accents are my favorites, as I find it is easier for me to wear black or white bottoms. The great thing is you can have any colored top, like this bright pink, as long as you have any graphics or wording that is a color you can wear on the bottom.

Now if you really want to be detail oriented *cough cough if you have an OCD type A personality like me (not always a blessing)*, you can strategically accessorize. What I mean is you can put a bag, jewelry, sunglasses, or any other accessory you prefer, that maximizes the message you are wanting to send. So in the outfit I am wearing above, I accentuated the edgy vibe by combining this skirt’s zipper details with the mirrored hardware on my mules. These were just minor details that really appealed to my sense of personal style.

As you can see though, this tactic with interchanging graphic tees is a must-know! Seriously, the next time you have nothing to wear- a t-shirt with a fun white or black colored slogan with matching denim will do. Yes, it is that simple and it took me basically 99% of my existence to figure that one out!  😉

If you think you need a few more tees, or even if you don’t, be sure to take check out one of my favorite sites- Romwe! Mine was only $10, and there are so many more to choose from!

I mean… who doesn’t like a sassy slogan to start off the day?


 *Thank you to Romwe for sponsoring this post!

How to Style this Intimidating Trend


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My Favorites:

Plaid trousers are so in this fall/winter, but I feel like they are so hard to style. I can not tell you how many pairs I tried on before I finally found the perfect pair! The key in finding a versatile pair of plaid trousers- that don’t give you a 9 to 5 is vibe- is slim fit. I found that when the trousers gradually become more fitted towards the ankle are much more flattering than wide or straight leg styles. Bottomline: it’s easier to style pants that just look better… surprise! 😉

Another thing to consider with this trend, is to make sure the plaid pattern doesn’t overwhelm you. So if you aren’t ready to take the plunge with plaid, go with a more muted print- like the ones I am wearing above and style with a solid color on top.

I paired these trousers with a fitted, off-the-shoulder sweater. By wearing a solid color, and exposing my shoulders a bit more, this was a fresh take on a classic style. Overall, if you find the right fit and look for you, this trend is not hard to pull off at all. Just add a solid top, accessorize, add pop of color, and you are good to go!

I am rounding up some of my personal favorites to shop below! 😍😍😍


P.S. I am sooooo in love with plaid, so you will probably be seeing this print almost as much as you see the color black on this blog… almost. 😉

The Only Hair Accessory You Need for Summer

It is officially summer now- which means more sunshine, smiles, and hopefully a few more adventures! As I was doing some shopping to prepare for my trip to Europe coming up next week, I discovered a new accessory that has saved my life. And it might even save yours too if you are not blessed with perfect hair. (If you have extremely perfect hair this will just make it look even more stunning so keep reading!!) One of the things I struggle with, especially during the warmer months, is how to style my hair. The last thing you want when it is a bajillion degrees outside, is a thick mane of hair blowing all over your face and sticking to the back of your neck as you are trying to see the sights or relax poolside/beachside. So, your only solution to this problem is to wear it pulled back in a boring ponytail/bun? Wrong! Let me introduce to you a turban. Now before you think I’m crazy, I’m referring to an accessory that is just like a thicker headband made usually of linen or polyester.

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Turbans are such a great alternatives to a headband, especially if you are tender headed or prone to headaches. The turbans never put too much pressure like a headband since it isn’t made of plastic or rubber. These are so easy to throw on with any outfit to keep your hair back for the day, disguise second-day/wet hair, or just as a fun piece that compliments a just about any look. Zara is a gold mine for these miracle accessories, and I am in love with all of the fun prints this season. Shop the one I am wearing in the pictures below, and I will also link a few others that you just might be seeing very, very soon!

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Turban: Zara

Sunnies: Ray-ban

Earrings: Thalia Sodi

Romper: Stone Cold Fox

Wedges: Vince Camuto (very old, similar ones here)

Bag: YSL


Other Turban Patterns: here