5 Belts You Need ASAP

A belt is something people often overlook when styling and outfit. If you ever have those days where there is literally "nothing in your closet" or you have "nothing to wear" my strategy is to turn to a belt. This is also a great accessory to travel with, because you can create so many different … Continue reading 5 Belts You Need ASAP

May 25, 2017

Today has been a crazy day of running last-minute errands, in preparation for a trip that I found out was starting in two days...yikes! So I went for comfortable shoes and easy denim + white tee combo. I added this palm printed bomber to make my presence a little less blah, haha. Amidst the pharmacy, … Continue reading May 25, 2017

May 24, 2017

I took this day time romper into the evening by layering it with this metallic vest. Sunnies: Ray-ban  Satin Duster: Forever 21 Romper: Show Me Your Mumu Wedges: Forever 21  Bag: YSL 

Splurge or Steal? I’m showing you all the designer deals for under $200

Hey Cuties! Have you ever walked by a store window and seen the shoes of your dreams? They are just lying there, beckoning you to come take them back home to your closet. Your dream shoe might be the latest pair of Gucci sneakers, Chloe wedges, Balenciaga ankle boots, or Valentino sandals...ring a bell? Although … Continue reading Splurge or Steal? I’m showing you all the designer deals for under $200